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Papers with broad/introductory reviews to remote testing

Grootswagers, T. (2020). A primer on running human behavioural experiments online. Behavior Research Methods.
Reips, U. D. (2002). Internet-based psychological experimenting: Five dos and five don’ts. Social Science Computer Review, 20(3), 241-249.
Sauter, M., Draschkow, D., & Mack, W. (2020). Building, Hosting and Recruiting: A Brief Introduction to Running Behavioral Experiments Online. Brain Sciences, 10(4), 251. [OPEN ACCESS]

Woods, A. T., Velasco, C., Levitan, C. A., Wan, X., & Spence, C. (2015). Conducting perception research over the internet: a tutorial review. PeerJ, 3, e1058. [OPEN ACCESS]
Gates, K., Hecht, Q. A., Grantham, M. M., Falolon, A. J., & Martukovich, M. (2021). Hearing health care delivery outside the booth. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, 6(5), 1123-1136.

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